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About Us

Alamana Co. for packaging is one of the leading companies in importing and distributing restaurant equipment and packaging materials. Alamana Co. was founded in 1990 by Mr. Jamil Khalasi, where he started it all with a single department for importing and distributing restaurant equipment.

The company mainly contributes to the local market by providing it with products and necessary equipment especially made for hotel restaurants, cafeterias, fast-food shops and house kitchens. In that sense, the company has supplied its customers with a variety of items and internationally well-known product models in the field of packaging.
In an advanced step for the development of the company's services, a new department has been added to import and distribute paper-products and packaging materials, making the company with that one of the largest companies in the region.

Complying with the facilitation of selling Alamana Co. products to all customers, the company has opened several branches in Aleppo, whereas the main branch is located in Sabea Bahrat Street. In the year 2010, it opened a large product gallery to showcase its famous products. Being located in "Halab Al-Jadeedah" street, this gallery is also considered to be the Headquarters of Alamana Co. administration.

Alamana Co. also has special warehouses in "Orum Alkubra" area for storing its products, and through it, the distribution of its products takes place to all stores and shopping centers in the city, using a large fleet of trucks and cars lead by an expert crew especially assigned for goods transportation and customer service.

Alamana Co. distributes the products of the best Local Manufacturers that are specialized in the field of casing and packaging. The company is also resolute in picking the best merchandise matching all health and healthy food regulations and concurrent with world-class quality.


Headquarters - Halab Al-Jadeedah

Sabea Bahrat Branch